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I'm Mauli A Web Developer

About Me

I am a Frontend Developer, I focus on writing accessible HTML, using modern CSS practices and JavaScript. When writing JavaScript, I prefer React, but I am open to adapting whichever framework is required. When I'm not coding, you'll find me reading books, watching movies or playing Badminton.


My field of expertise includes below skills:


I believe Project Based Learning is the best approach to learn anything. Hence, I've got projects in all the different technologies that I've learnt over time. I'd love you to checkout my projects.

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Recently, I have been writing about the technologies that I learn and I have discovered that Learning by Writing is one of the best approaches to understand complex concepts well. The blog posts represent my current understanding of the concepts and are expected to be updated as my understanding evolves.

I'd love you to go through my blog posts and ping me if you have any queries or want to discuss some concept in detail.

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